'Business Design Materials’


(Q) How much are your designs? 

(A) It Depends on what you want designed, such as a Logo is £20.


(Q) How long does a design take?

(A) Depending on the design its self it might take a few hours if not requested on a certain date/time otherwise if im booked up with projects it might take a few days for completed designs.


(Q) How do i pay?

(A) We take Payments by PayPal or Bank Transfer.


(Q) Do you design Business Cards?

(A) Yes we do design Business Cards but we don't Print any of our Designs as of yet (We don't have Printers) We have other great companies that we can guide you too to get your Designs Printed.


(Q) Do you help with Soical Media Posts?

(A) We can help to create Posts for your business so you can just post on your social media accounts the design so you can sit back and relax.